Customer Service and Sales

Excellent customer service and sales are the lifeblood of any organisation. It is essential in acquiring and retaining your company’s greatest asset – your customers. Our customer service and sales solutions are designed to generate interest, improve customer engagement and increase satisfaction. As a strategic partner, we are committed to helping you deliver personalised customer experience that adds value to your customer relationships and drives growth and profitability.

Connect with your clients through customer service and sales.

A successful business prides itself on a strong brand and competent customer service and sales department. And since clients are essential to the growth of a company, their feedbacks and their concerns should be heard. Customers are the most significant part of any business. They are the ones who dictate what kind of product or service a company provides, and therefore, their delight is necessary. Customer satisfaction can be obtained in many ways, but administering customer service is the most efficient way to go.

When consumers have questions about products or services, they expect customer service to take care of their concerns. Through customer service, clients can communicate their demand, which the employee will then execute. Upon completion of the task, the employee will then get the satisfaction of the customer by asking for their feedback. But to properly perform this duty, customer service personnel should be equipped for the task.

People who handle customer service and sales require proper training to possess the proper attitude for the job. And since hiring and training new employees will be taxing to SMEs, more businesses turn to outsource customer service and sales to offshore companies. Deploy this task to an outside entity that specialises in the service is the best way to go. You not only save on resources, but you can also be assured of the quality of service they will provide your customers.

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Outsourcing these tasks to Bureauserv is the best way to go!

It is not only cost efficient but a wise choice, for we guarantee you outstanding results. We have passionate and competent staff with wide range experience. We have worked with various clients from Australia and United Kingdom, providing support in data entry and documentation, research, lead generation, email management, scheduling and calendar management, answering phone and email enquiries and other administrative duties.

Our clients can attest to our professionalism and service quality. As virtual assistants, we connect to our customers and understand what needs to be done. We respect your privacy, but we also expect full disclosure of necessary information needed for us to handle your required tasks. And in exchange, we will then commit to fulfilling all your demands at the most efficient rate.

Inbound and Outbound Customer Service

Bureauserv’s customer service officers are committed to meeting your client’s demand for proactive, friendly and exceptional service. We handle every call as equally important as others. And as your brand advocates, we make every interaction an opportunity to elevate your company and remind your customers of the benefits of doing business with you.


Our dedicated, competent and result-oriented sales representatives are equipped to handle virtually any type of hard- or soft-sell sales call. They build rapport and customise the offers and interactions to what resonates with your prospective customers, leading to positive customer experience and high conversion rates.

Customer Engagement and Loyalty

In today’s highly competitive market, providing meaningful, on-going relationship with customers has become the standard. We can help you strengthen the relationship with your customers, nurture loyalty and improve involvement with your brand.

Online Chat Support

Turn your website visitors into paying customers by delivering information in the fastest and most convenient way. Our online chat support allows you to engage your visitors, offer immediate assistance and address their questions and concerns before they leave your website and check your competitors.

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