Creative Flooring

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Creative Flooring

Commercial and residential flooring supplier
and installation in Perth
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Creative Flooring is a family business that supplies and furnishes commercial and residential properties in Western Australia with quality flooring. They partner with local property builders for large projects such as Public & Private Schools, TAFE, Kindergarten, Child Care Centres, Community Centres & Government Offices.


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With no previous website to show to their clients and partner builders, Creative Flooring wanted one that would display their installation projects as well as their products and services. They wanted to make a portfolio out of a new website. With only an existing Creative Flooring logo to work from, we took this branding and created a website that is professional yet creative and fresh.

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Since the clients were working with a community of builders and suppliers, we found it necessary to have a section dedicated to these trusted international and local businesses to showcase their partnership and strengthen credibility. To highlight their products and services, we made sure to layout the site in a manner that displays the images the best accompanied by the supplementary text. Immediately after the website was launched, we conducted email marketing campaigns to promote Creative Flooring and their new site, especially since the client had a list of contacts from their previous engagements.

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Following the website launch, the client occasional asked for print and online promotional materials such as an e-brochure showcasing their company history as well as their products and services which they have sent to their contacts.

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Family and friends of Creative Flooring expressed their positive impression of the website as well as their social media posts. Partner builders and suppliers of Creative Flooring also reposted or shared the social media posts which mentioned their products.

We occasionally support Creative Flooring with social media posts and blogs showcasing their builds as well as promoting the latest products and services in the flooring industry.

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