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Psychics Connect

Reliable psychic, clairvoyance and tarot
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Psychics Connect is a telephone business offering 24/7 psychic reading from trusted and genuine psychics all over the world – with clientele from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The previous Psychics Connect website was outdated and hard to manage as it was hardcoded. The objective of this project was to redesign and redevelop Psychics Connect into a WordPress website, give it a more modern look and feel and improved functionality and navigation. Bureauserv worked with Psychics Connect from the conceptualisation of its new look and website development to on-going maintenance to ensure optimum user experience.


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WordPress was our chosen platform for this project because it is simple to use and compatible with all the necessary plugins needed to make it a well-functioning website. It is also flexible, allowing us to customise the website to fit the look, feel, and function that we want to achieve. One of the most crucial aspects of this website development project was adding the live feed of the Psychic roster to the website. To do this, we had to integrate the reader database feed from a separate database management system. The feed includes the psychic readers’ details— profile, abilities, testimonials, schedule and their real-time status, which allows clients to see who are working and who are available to take calls.

Since the business is targeting multiple locations, having separate websites is necessary to deliver the relevant information, such as the pricing and phone numbers for each location. Having multiple domains also make it possible for Psychics Connect to run domain-specific promotions and events.

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We’ve added the sites to a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to assist in overall website speed so that visitors can access the Psychics Connect website any time of the day and wherever they are. We made the website simple and easy to navigate on all devices and sizes. The pages are organised by category, and we made sure to put the same effort that we did on the homepage, on every single inner page on the website. We made sure to use secured contact forms so that all data sent to the website won’t be compromised.

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One major change that we made for this project was introducing a new colour scheme while retaining the brand’s original logo. We introduced the colour teal with a splash of yellow to give the site a fresh look. But we kept the colour purple, which has been associated with the brand since 1997, to represent spirituality, passion, higher self and vitality.

This combination of the established branding and colour with new hues represents the brand’s history as one of the first phone psychic companies and evolution as an enduring brand that continues to provide reliable and quality psychic service today.




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We continue to work with the company, publishing regular content, running promotions, maintaining the site’s SEO performance and providing assistance in social media and digital marketing.

Bureauserv handles the live feed of the whole site. We make sure that the reader’s status and on-going readings are reflected on the site in real-time to guide clients looking for a live psychic reading.

The site can be viewed in multiple devices to ensure optimum customer experience, easier navigation and convenient service for those looking to connect to their chosen psychic reader via mobile phone.

The website is protected to make sure that all sensitive content including client information and payment details are secured and kept confidential.

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