Psychic Truth Website Design and Development by Bureauserv

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psychic truth home page screen capture

One of the biggest projects that we worked on last year was the website design and development of Psychic Truth. Psychic Truth is a telephone business offering 24/7 psychic reading from trusted and genuine psychics all over the world – with clientele from the UK, USA, Australia, Ireland, and Singapore. Bureauserv worked with Psychic Truth from the conceptualisation of the website’s design and look and feel to implementation, ensuring optimum user experience.

Blossoming Website Look & Feel

psychic truth moodboardPsychic Truth’s primary audience are women, between the age of 18 and 35 who seek spiritual insight and guidance. Given this critical fact, we went on to design a website that looks and feels young and fresh, like young women blossoming into adulthood–inspired by the guidance that Psychic Truth’s genuine psychic readers can provide.  For the branding and graphics, we made sure to use hues of muted tones of pink and white for the main backgrounds, blue for the headings to reflect a sense of innocence (pink and white) maturing into adulthood (blue). We opted to use grey for the main text to complement the colours on the site.

User-Friendly Interface

WordPress was our chosen website platform for this project because it is simple to use, compatible with all the necessary plugins needed to make a well-functioning website, and flexible, allowing us to customise the website to fit the look, feel, and function that we want to achieve. We’ve added the sites to a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to assist in overall website speed so that visitors can access the Psychic Truth website any time of the day and wherever they are. We made the website simple and easy to navigate in all devices and sizes. The pages are organised by category, and we made sure to put the same effort that we did on the homepage, on every single inner page on the website. We made sure to use secured contact forms so that all data sent to the website won’t be compromised.

Live Psychic Reader Feed

One of the most crucial aspects of this website development project was adding the live feed of the Psychic roster to the website. To do this, we had to integrate the reader database feed from a separate database management system. The feed includes the psychic readers’ details—such as their profile, abilities, testimonials, schedule and their status, which allows clients to see who are working and who are available to take calls.

Chat Support

Aside from the 24/7 Customer Service hotline of Psychic Truth, we also installed a Facebook Chat Messenger to give potential clients a quick and convenient way to connect with Psychic Truth Customer Helpdesk. This chat support allows clients to connect with Psychic Truth’s 24/7 Customer Service personnel for any questions that they have or to ask for assistance with their bookings.

In addition to website design and development, Bureauserv is also working on a continuous SEO and social media strategy for the brand. For more details about how we do on-page and off-page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to rank the multiple Psychic Truth websites on their respective locations, as well as how we connect and interact with their audience through a well-planned Social Media approach – stay tuned for the second part of this blog!