3 Simple Reasons Why Your Website Needs A Redesign

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Contemporary marketing requires an online presence to reach the growing community of online users. As of early 2019, there are 4.5 billion internet users all over the world, with 21.74 million users coming from Australia, with ages 25-34 having the most number of internet users. This particular age group, together with those 18 years of age up to 54 years old, have purchasing powers which they inevitably spend on the internet. With a market as large as this, small merchants need to exhaust all possible means to compete with large businesses to reach their target market.

One requirement that’s needed in online marketing is a website that showcases your brands and the products or the services that you are offering. But having a website is not enough! A website that’s first-and-foremost working is aligned with your brand, and practices good SEO is needed in order to compete in the digital world. And if you somehow find your website lacking in any or all of these requirements, it might now be the time to consider a website redesign. 

Here are three simple reasons why your website needs a redesign:


Have you ever encountered a website that looks like it was made during the late 90s or early 2000s? And have you seen how websites look today? Well, where does your current website fit?

old website design sample
old website design sample

One sign that your website looks outdated is if it looks more like websites made during the early 2000s and not from recent years. From archaic web design to obsolete web functions, websites that haven’t been updated in terms of looks and operations need a redesign. Websites with no text and image balance as well as those with a cluttered structure also need a redesign even if they have been well over 2015. As trends change over time, the things that appeal to people also evolve, and this affects how businesses connect to the market. One of the prerequisites in connecting to your market is to leave a first impression that would make them want to consider buying your product or availing of your services. Having a modern and dynamic website that gets fresh and relevant updates every couple of weeks or every couple of months is a good way to be memorable and leave a lasting impression.


Do you get frustrated when after careful deliberation you have now clicked the BUY button but found out that you can’t proceed with your purchase because the button is broken? Well, this is one sign that a website is non-responsive. 

red buy now button

A non-responsive website not only pushes away your potential clients, but it also makes your business look incompetent since you cannot represent your online presence properly. It fails the demands of Search Engine Optimisation, the basis from which websites are ranked and displayed in search queries. Non-responsive websites range from those with broken buttons and links that lead to broken pages to those with an unorganised layout that looks weird when viewed on devices outside of your standard desktop. Every year, new trends arise, and new updates to plugins happen to improve a website’s look and function. Some of these include the layout or structural improvements to fit whatever size you are using in viewing the websites. As more and more people tend to favour mobile marketing over big-screen online advertisements, your website should be up to par with the latest updates that would make browsing smooth when using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Not-Aligned With Your Brand

Have you ever seen a website that misled you into thinking that they offer a different product or a different service than what their website looks like? Often, websites like these fall into those experimental ones which latch on to having tricked people as the impression that they will leave to stand out on the market. Usually, these websites do not succeed for rather than enjoying being tricked, the people just get annoyed and do not any more proceed with exploring the website and dealing with the business.

A website that isn’t aligned with your brand would mean that you are not exhausting all possibilities to market your business to potential clients. The brand of any business is like the soul of a person for it is through the brand that the company connects to the people. Who the company is, its mission and vision, and its promise to the people are reflected in the brand, and this must be clearly demonstrated on your website so that you can create an online presence that people will recognise and associate the products and services that you offer to the kind of company that you are.

Aside from a modern, responsive and a website that is aligned with your brand and the services that you are offering, having an online presence through social media is also a necessity especially since most users are now on social media platforms, and it is through here that they get to be exposed to various brands and are then redirected to their websites.

At Bureauserv, we offer Web Design & Development services as part of our endeavour to connect our clients to their target market. We create web designs that best reflect their brands, and we make sure to keep the website functioning and relevant by doing regular maintenance and updates. If you aren’t convinced enough, how about browsing through our portfolio to see the potential of what your new website can be?