Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Service for your Small Business

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Outsourcing customer service is sometimes more efficient than hiring and training a new team.

When somebody mentions outsourcing customer service, the image of those huge call centres from a scene in Outsourced or The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel often comes to mind. For most people, customer service outsourcing is a strategy reserved only for Fortune 500 companies. That is no longer the case today.

Outsourcing customer service is a viable option even for SMEs and entrepreneurs. There is no substitute for the quality of service and product knowledge that a business owner could provide. However, as the company grows, demands from the different areas of the firm multiply.

If you can no longer keep up with the customer service demands, it may be time to consider outsourcing. Here are some benefits of outsourcing customer service for your business.

Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Service

Dedicated customer service team

Some of you may cringe at the idea of allowing somebody else to answer your calls. Entrusting the quality of your customer service to strangers is daunting. If your clients are used to hearing you answer the phone, they may find the change off-putting. But if you are too busy that people are talking to your voicemail message most of the time and you forget to make those return calls you promised, then it’s time for you to make the change.

Outsourcing customer service would ensure that somebody is available to answer calls to your company. Outsource companies have a redundancy procedure in place, so you will not have to worry about absences and breaks.


A customer service support could provide flexible coverage, depending on your business needs. If you need support beyond your hours of operation, outsourcing is the most practical option. You can close your office or shop for the day while your remote customer service staff continues taking calls for your business.

If your business has seasonal demands, you will benefit from outsourcing. You can get additional support during peak season and end the contract when the business slows down.


For a growing business, the need for customer service support may fluctuate over time. You can start with a “share” agent and as your requirements increase; you progress to having a dedicated agent/s then add more people or hours depending on the needs of your business. If your needs decrease, it is easier to renegotiate your contract with the outsource partner than terminate a full-time staff.

Increased productivity

Paying someone else to do a job you or your current staff had been doing may seem impractical and an added cost but consider the time spent in answering customer service queries. Is it the best use of your day? If your staffs have other things to do, taking customer service calls could be disrupting their work and affecting your company’s productivity. Outsourcing will allow you and your teams to focus your energy on your primary tasks and further grow your business.

Lower cost

You can always hire an in-house staff, but if you are just starting up and the calls are not that many, you may want to start with an outsourced team. With outsourcing, you can hire a team overseas and take advantage of lower hourly rate. Some companies offer “share” services wherein their representatives are handling multiple clients, and the cost is spread out to the different accounts. Also, you save from not having to invest in facilities, equipment and operations.

Professional Service

If your staff handling the customer service calls were not hired and trained in this area, they might not have the knowledge and skills to perform the job efficiently. Outsourcing allows you to work with people who are experts in the field. Also, they have the training and experience in this area and are capable of handling different situations that may arise.

Outsource companies also have quality assurance and performance metrics in place to ensure that customers are receiving the best service possible.

Access to top of the line technology

Proper equipment incurs additional cost for the business. You can have access to the top of the line IVR and VOIP technology by partnering with an established customer service company. They have invested in these types of equipment, and it is part of their service to ensure that your clients receive the best experience possible.

Add depth to your organisation

If you are a small company, having outsourced customer service representatives would provide additional depth to your team. Having different people answering the phone would give the impression of a larger and more stable organisation. As a result, customers may feel more comfortable buying a product or service from your company.

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