The Power of Visuals in Digital Marketing

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Visual data is a necessity for digital marketing.

Visual plays an important role in our brain to process information. Our eyes are very powerful organs that capture images that our brain makes sense of. Approximately 65% of us are visual learners – those who collect, absorb and recall information more by seeing. We make lists to manage and remember our everyday tasks. We learn easily by using flashcards or watching videos. And sometimes, we need to look at the person we’re talking to just to keep our focus.

People are visual creatures, and most of the time, words alone are not enough to convey a particular concept or instantly grab attention. Because of this, more and more business owners are using visual marketing as a strategy to promote their brand. They use colourful, attractive, and memorable visual content to reach out to the most powerful human sense. With the evolution of Social Media, they now have the ability to deliver more compelling visual elements like posting photos, sharing videos, illustrating concepts through infographics and even doing live sessions. These contents then provide a faster and easier way for marketers and advertisers to say what they want and make people understand.

What are some of the most effective Visual Contents?


Is your photo Instagram-worthy, original, high-quality and attractive? Typically, an image like this will cost you a lot of time and money to produce. But luckily, there are available sites and applications now which allow you to create stunning and exceptional images for free. Take advantage of sites like Canva, Stencil and Pablo. Most of these are very easy to use. They will even allow you to include your company logo and design texts the way you want them to appear.


Most people are easily attracted to photos. What more if the images are moving? Videos can greatly help your ad campaigns because it can contain everything that you need to say in just a few minutes or even seconds! In fact, when a Facebook user is browsing his timeline, videos play automatically. Thus, immediately grabbing the person’s attention.


The thing about slideshows is it can contain both videos and images. However, more time and effort are needed to be able to produce a good presentation. But no need to worry, since there are a lot of presentation tools which give users the ability to create and design slides. You can make yours as personalised as possible. You can even add in music to make it more engaging. Some existing slideshow tools are, Animoto and Kizoa.

Animated GIFs

As most people have a very short attention span, it is crucial for marketers to get noticed instantly. With the clutter of information on the internet, stories need to be told in seconds. Nowadays, sharing short-length animated videos is better than posting a full article which will just probably be lost in social media feeds. With tools like Giphy,, and EZGIF, you can instantly create your own.

Using visuals in digital marketing is not only to present information. More importantly, it aims to tell a story in the most engaging, memorable and fastest way possible. You don’t need a major in design to be able to be good at creating visual content. You just need to know your marketing goals, find out what resources you have and utilise them to your advantage.

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