Social Media Marketing is the Real Deal

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We can’t deny the fact that the internet has become a huge part of our daily routine. As soon as we wake up, we check our phones. On the way to work, we browse the internet. And all throughout our day, no matter how busy we get, we always find time to check in to the digital world.

This is exactly why businesses have been investing in building a solid online presence. Almost every type of audience is tuned in so there is always a chance for return of investment. Different online marketing strategies have been tried out before. These include building stunning websites with e-commerce capabilities, e-mail marketing, content marketing and digital advertising. While these strategies are still proven effective until now, there is another online marketing platform that has come into play: SOCIAL MEDIA. Word is that… it’s taking digital marketing to a whole new level and it’s making a great deal of impact in to the business world.

We figured you’re going to have some questions, like:

Do I really need Social Media Marketing for my business? Is it worth investing time, effort and budget? Will it really contribute to my company’s success?

The answer is… YES, YES and YES!!!

Not convinced? Let this infographic give you a new perspective:

social media marketing infographic

Kickstart Social Media Marketing for your Business

1. Let’s look at the facts:

Social Media affects buying decisions.

  • 78% of consumers said that social media posts of companies influence their buying decisions. (Forbes)
  • 71% More Likely to Purchase Based on Social Media Referrals. (Hubspot)

More and more businesses are taking advantage of Social Media.

  • 56.2% of SMEs Expect to Increase their Marketing Budget in Social Media. (Infusionsoft)
  • 93% of Marketers use Facebook for their Business. (BufferSocial)

More and more people are using Social Media.

Social Media User Statistics Australia – May 2017 (















Now that we’ve established that you truly need Social Media for your business, what’s NEXT?

2. It’s time to set your goals.

  • BRAND AWARENESS – Show the world who your brand is by posting contents about your products/services, your values, your employees, your office, company events, and more.
  • DRIVE WEBSITE TRAFFIC – Utilise Social Media links and buttons to direct customers to your websites, relevant landing pages, online purchase or booking forms, promo details and blogs.
  • SALES AND LEADS – Take advantage of Social Media to engage with potential customers, identify influencers, monitor prospect personas, promote and sell products through clicks, and improve customer experience.
  • RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT – Use Social Media monitoring to listen to conversations and mentions of your brand. Gather intelligence about your products, competitors, and industry and use your data and results for strategic planning, marketing campaigns and decision making.
  • IMPROVE CUSTOMER RELATIONS – Talk to customers either publicly or privately using the messaging capabilities of Social Media. Aim to resolve concerns and answer questions as quickly as possible. Tag their names and encourage their ideas to make them feel more valued.

Now that we’ve established that you truly need Social Media for your business, what’s NEXT?

But which Social Media sites and contents are best suited for your business? How do you go about attaining your Social Media Marketing goals? We’ll answer these questions in detail in the next installment of this blog. STAY TUNED!

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