Tools that can check your SEO performance

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Checking SEO performance is necessary for a successful digital marketing campaign.

SERP or Search Engine Result Page reflects a list from which a search engine ranks its results to whatever the user is looking for. As a rule, search engines filter through online posts and give favour to sites that conform to their SEO algorithm. Due to this, generating a site’s SEO performance is crucial to the steps taken to increase web presence.

When a site does not follow the proper SEO process, it wouldn’t attract search engines to consider their site, therefore result in low traffic generation and poor web presence.

In the same way, when a site follows optimisation practices but does not monitor its performance, there is a big chance that the site’s ranking would decline because of out-dated SEO practice. Most search engines are continually updating their search algorithms to tune their filtering of web posts; therefore a site’s SEO practice should also be kept up-to-date to avoid falling behind an engine’s ranking.

Proper SEO practice does not only entail having to update your site with weekly posts or cleaning up your tags. There are a lot more to consider in generating a good SEO rank. Correct search engine optimisation looks at length for the title tag, appropriate metadata content, organic, unique and relevant posts, good slug name (URL), the complete loading speed of a site, cleanliness of code, user-friendly/workable site, and proper keyword tags.

Here are some tools that can help you track your SEO performance:

Checking your SEO performance requires running your site into qualified SEO tools or programs. PCMag conducted a test to see which SEO tool scored best in doing their function. These tools were ranked based on the editor’s choice as well as on how much the programs have satisfied SEO qualifications. Their list includes Moz Pro, SpyFu, AWR Cloud and Ahrefs among many. But aside from those, here are more tools that Bureauserv personally uses to help check the SEO performance of all sites and social media pages that we manage:


SEMrush is a competitive research service for online marketing. Part of this service includes generating analysis reports for websites and social media pages. It provides an option to have a site’s SEMrush data available in a customised pdf report. Apart from this, the program also allows the possibility of scheduling tests on a regular basis, therefore making it easier to see the site’s improvements. SEMrush tallies and looks for these problems in a site: couldn’t be crawled, duplicate content, duplicate meta descriptions, internal broken links, external broken links, low word count, presence of sitemap, loading speed and text-HTML ratio.

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GTmetrix tells you a lot about your website performance. It provides an option for monitoring pages and setting up alerts for certain test scores generated by the program. GTmetrix also offers to run your site on multiple regions to see how to improve the loading speed of the site. After running a test on a website, GTmetrix generates recommendations for page speed, YSlow: on how a site performs in google chrome, Waterfall: shows charts on page speed, Timings: shows details on when site performance is at the highest speed, Video: provides proof of how long a page load, and History: shows graphs of changes in site performances.


WhatsmySERP is a free SEO tool that focuses on checking a site’s visibility on a search engine’s results page. While considering 25 keywords at a time, this programs checks if your site ranks within the first 300 results that are generated by the search engine. It also checks the density of a keyword on a post or the whole site. WhatsMySERP runs a test to check these features among other things: current, previous and best SERP positions, presence of keywords in titles and descriptions, ranking in 50 regional Google domains, and your ranking amidst your top 3 competitors.

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Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is a powerful keyword research software. Its main goal is to help you find profitable keywords to use on your site to increase web traffic. The program calculates a keyword’s profitability by comparing it to popular keywords and to keywords which are not so popular but ranks high in search engines. Long Tail Pro generates these tests on Keyword searches: competitiveness score and competitor analysis, profitability with new rank values, and difficulty recommendations for your domain.


Yoast is a WordPress plugin that automatically checks the Readability and the Keyword SEO of a page or a post. This program is aligned with Google and Bing’s search algorithm, therefore, making it more SEO friendly. It includes your site to the top priority that Google and Bing filter through when they are generating search results for a user. Before your post is published or made public, Yoast SEO already conducts a test to see these results: proper length of title, appropriate metadata content, good slug name (URL), score in the Flesch Reading Ease test, the balance between active and passive voice, HTML-text ratio, length of each paragraph, and amount of transition words.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics turns insights into action. The program is made with the intention of being of service to Google’s clients, be it for their regular online users, their SME partners, or for the large corporations that they work with. This tool is used to monitor a site’s content by analysing content on everything about web traffic and how it can be increased.

Google created three versions of the program to satisfy all the needs of their clients. Google Analytics Premium is a free program that caters to SMEs who want to monitor their digital marketing techniques by running a test on the site’s surface. Google Analytics 360 is then created for the purpose of accommodating large enterprises and assisting them in their market development. This program runs not only to test the site’s SEO practices, but it also extends its service by providing a deep analysis on how to improve a company’s marketing technique and then implementing necessary changes to see the results.  And since more and more websites are trying to design their sites to be more mobile-friendlyGoogle Analytics for Mobile Apps was then developed to help iOS and Android Apps monitor the SEO content.

Google Analytics also provides a plugin that users can connect to their site to automatically run tests. It generates results on: site usage, traffic sources, map overlay, visitors overview, content overview, and technical profile. Apart from Google Analytics, Google also created other digital marketing strategies that can help you better assess your SEO practices.  Some of these programs include: Google Tag Manager, Google Optimize and Google Attribution.

By having complete knowledge of SEO practices that need to be improved, there is a better chance of ranking higher in search engine results. Bureauserv uses all these tools to check our own website and the sites that we build for our clients. We make sure that their sites are user-friendly as well as SEO competent so as to increase their web presence. And in doing so, increases their chances of a successful digital marketing campaign, and therefore provide promising results for their company’s future.