How to Create your own Website

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Start with a Good Web Design and Continue Updating your Site with Relevant Posts

Kick-off your website by choosing a platform where you can host your page.

Most sites work under HTML, CSS and FLASH. But since these platforms require advance coding, other more user-friendly platforms have come to emerge. According to a review by the Website Builder Expert (WBE), which gathers its data from user engagement and feedback, the leading platform for web design and development is Wix. This site is then consecutively followed by SquarespaceWeeblyJimdoGo Daddy, and IM Creator, respectively. Aside from these, WordPress is also a top choice for beginners especially since it offers a lot of free resources that you can take advantage of to make your first site good.

After finding a platform to manage your site, choose a domain name and a hosting page.

Owning your domain name and host will allow you quick and unlimited access compared to being a user on another domain and host. But since having your own domain and host costs money, you can then opt to join other web hosting providers especially since you are just starting your first site.

Following the installation of all requirements needed to load up your site, proceed to build your web design. Start with customising the layout of your page by choosing a theme. Add a background image and personalise the font size and font style of your texts to compliment the visuals of the page.

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Add pages at your convenience and make sure that these will satisfy SEO requirements to build your online presence.

And before launching your page, check the usability and the responsiveness of your page to ensure good and functional quality. After everything has been done, do not abandon your website or forget about it. Keep it updated with relevant content so as to not lose its credibility and its rank in SEO. Continue to update your site and customise your page and respond to user feedback.

At Bureauserv, we create and manage your websites as well as your social media pages.

We provide you with a domain name and a hosting site to save you the hassle of finding another provider. Based on the demands you make, we do web design for a new site, and web development for an existing one. Aside from these, we can also manage your page by consistently updating it and answering customer feedback. Our digital marketing services also offer social media management as well as other marketing techniques to strengthen your online presence.

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