The A to Z of Outsource Customer Support

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An Agent is a vital part of outsourcing customer support since they are the ones who connect businesses to their customers by taking care of their needs and keeping them informed of what the company has to offer.



A Bug is one reason for why customers call support centres. This kind of issue in a product or a service usually requires the help of someone from the engineering team to resolve. And if the issue wasn’t resolved during the moment the call was made, the request shall be listed under Backlogs or the unresolved customer support requests.



Proper Communication is needed for Agents and Clients or Customers to understand one another and address the issue properly. An engaging communication is also vital for Telemarketing calls as well as for those dealing with customer feedback calls.



Customer Support centres also experience a Downtime especially when services or products are unavailable due to maintenance or other technical issues. With this, agents try their best to get back to clients who have contacted them during these periods.



Engagement is necessary to further calls and close deals. Customer Engagement and Loyalty is a Customer Support service that BPOs offer to manage clients of businesses that want to take care of their clients by making sure that they are satisfied with their service and that they are loyal to the company.


First Contact Resolutions (FCR)

First Contact Resolutions (FCR) is the goal each agent wishes to accomplish for every call made to address an issue or to ask for assistance in completing a task. FCR is ideal for all problem-resolution calls, for this means that the customer has been satisfied not to have a follow-up call to address the issue further.



Every call is Goal-Oriented especially since calls are timed to make sure that Agents deliver that clients want. By being goal-oriented, agents can maximise calls and not waste the time of their customers by engaging in unnecessary conversations.


Help Desk

A Help Desk is one reason why companies outsource customer support. This type of assistance is given to clients of companies whose service requires further support like when an agent needs to go through the specific instructions with the client to complete a certain task.


Inbound Customer Service

Inbound Customer Service is when clients or customers contact help desk services which in turn are redirected to Call Center companies for agents to help address the issues presented. Outbound Customer Service is then the service provided by BPOs when they make or initiate outbound calls towards clients to give them an update or offer products and services.



Since clients get to talk to real people in customer support centres, they are often freed from the hassle of researching Jargons which are sometimes used by AI or when you just read instructions. With real agents, clients are free to ask for more information to make sure that they understand what needs to be done to resolve an issue.


Knowledge Base (KB)

A Knowledge Base (KB) is a pool of information that agents refers to in order to answer client questions. This database is also used to provide agents assistance, especially when discussing step-by-step processes to clients who need to accomplish specific tasks. Knowledge Bases can also be self-serving, meaning customers can search for their queries without the help of an agent.



Loyalty and a healthy relationship are what agents try to build between businesses and their clients. Through the Customer Engagement and Loyalty services, companies are rest assured that their clients are satisfied, well taken-cared of, and happy to further engage in the company’s business.


Multi-Channel Support

Often, customer service centres provide Multi-Channel Support in order to answer all queries from a different clientele. This kind of support extends from phone calls to emails, chat, social media, and more.


Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a management tool used to measure how likely clients will recommend to other people the product or service being offered to them. This tool shows customer engagement and loyalty and helps agents strategise their approach on how they’ll promote the businesses’ products and services to you.


Online Chat Support

Online Chat Support is a service that uses websites or social media accounts as the support channel from which agents can communicate with clients to easily address their concerns. This type of support is usually done in real-time, and issues or inquiries are often solved within the course of the chat consultation.



Personalisation is the key to a successful call. Referring to a person’s name and using the correct pronoun helps agents connect to customers and for clients to feel important. This kind of approach is also reflected in the company’s character and the value they give to their customers.



A Queue is a running list of open calls that agents need to attend to. Calls are usually lined by priority or by chronological order. Queuing is done to make sure that all calls will be attended without missing a beat.



Businesses who engage in customer support to get the Reviews of their clients show how much they value the feedback of their customers. Getting customer reviews are necessary since these help companies improve their products and services especially when their goods directly affect their customers.



Support is the number one reason why Customer Service is outsourced by companies. Through a Support Channel which lists email, phone, chat, website and even social media channels, agents can provide assistance to clients especially when it comes to addressing issues or promoting products and services.



Telemarketing is a method of promoting products and services through calls which introduces what is being offered to potential customers. The goal of telemarketing is to increases sales by converting leads or potential customers to actual buyers.



User-Error is one of the reasons why clients call agents and ask for assistance. These kinds of errors are usually immediately given solution especially since the problem is not product-driven.



The Voice of an agent is detrimental to the conversation since businesses rely on this to deliver an effective message to their clients. Aside from this, the voice of the customer can also indicate their engagement and give agents an idea of how best to approach them during their call.



A Widget is an application that customers can activate to connect to customer support centres. Widgets are usually placed in websites where clients are redirected to calls or chats with agents to address their queries.



Each agent has an X-Factor that allows them to communicate with clients and convince them to try out a product or a service. This X-Factor usually helps in convincing customers to engage in the company.



Saying Yes is a key to good customer service especially when what customers are asking is beneficial to the company. Though this does not entitle agents to say yes to the customers, having a positive and optimistic approach to the issue can make a difference.



Zoiper is a softphone software program for making phone calls over the internet and using a computer. This software improves the efficiency of communication since it combines and organises all of your client’s contact information into one database.

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