Sustainability & Work-Life Balance in Outsourcing

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SMEs often rely on outsourcing some of their duties due to a shortage of qualified staff needed for certain tasks such as in Accounting and Bookkeeping among others. Increasing profit without losing money and skillset mismatch are the main reasons why businesses choose to outsource certain tasks to offshore companies.

CEOs find outsourcing these tasks to be effective. Rather than spending money on hiring and training new employees, they can now focus on more important work, crucial to the development and the success of their companies. At the same time, employees can now have more time for their personal lives instead of working overtime.

A balance between work and personal life is an important key to achieving self-growth. Often, people find themselves stuck in a monotonous routine whenever work consumes life, leaving no room for leisure activities to rejuvenate and inspire a person. When this happens, self-growth and work-productivity are stunted, leaving both aspects to suffer. This now becomes the main reason why businesses choose to outsource some of their tasks to offshore companies with qualified and experienced employees.

Local businesses outsourcing to offshore companies is a global initiative with more and more companies realising the benefits of designating some of their tasks to accomplish more work. Companies find that they work efficiently and become more sustainable if they don’t need to think about day-to-day administrative or common tasks and instead focus on their main roles to contribute to the growth of the business. Knowing that there are outsourcing companies who specialise in specialised tasks such as Customer Service or Digital Marketing enables business owners to maximise profit by keeping existing employees happy and productive in their roles, and not having to deal with additional responsibilities that they are not trained for.

Designed to support SMEs or large corporations in need of manpower, offshore outsourcing continues to become more appealing since they now tailor their services to deliver what’s needed for businesses to succeed in their own industries. Customised services intended to assist in everyday tasks or in skilled jobs are being offered by outsourcing companies to ensure the continued growth of the business.

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“It’s important that our company gets to know the businesses’ culture. We try to get across our passion, dedication towards helping the client.” – Steve Ashbee, Managing Director of Bureauserv Limited.

Outsourcing to an offshore company like Bureauserv offers many benefits especially for SMEs who wish to attain sustainability in their industry. Getting to know the business by exploring their industry and their target market, are among some of the efforts that outsourcing companies do in order to help tailor their services to aid businesses and allow them the time to have work and personal life balance.

We help businesses remain competitive by increasing levels of productivity while keeping costs under control.

Steve AshbeeManaging Director of Bureauserv Limited

At Bureauserv, we do not only offer tailored services to our clients, but we also take into consideration, the working preferences of our employees so that they can maximise productivity in both their home and work life. As a one-stop outsourcing partner for all SMEs, we offer services in the fields of Accounting & BookkeepingCustomer Service & SalesDigital Marketing, and Virtual Assistance. We have highly qualified employees trained to accomplish specialised tasks in their respective fields.

According to IBISWorld’s Business Process Outsourcing Market Research Report, the industry is expecting a $32.1 billion rise in revenue given the continuously increasing 200 million businesses in the market. If the industry continues to see an increase in opportunities, we can expect more sustainable companies with productive employees, since people are given the chance to manage their work and personal lives better.