Top online trends to look forward to in 2020

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Video content marketing dominated 2018, especially when it came to innovations from Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. The same trend followed 2019 but with more changes that helped video content marketing. Artificial intelligence and social media marketing raised the bar for video content marketing with artificial intelligence also having its own significant breakouts. For 2020, video content marketing will still continue its streak in terms of advertisements for online shopping. Still, it would be innovations in artificial intelligence that would usher a new age of voice-powered search. To narrow down a long list of trends for 2020, here are some of the top emerging trends in the fields of e-commerce, visual content, technology and digital marketing.

On E-Commerce: Google Shopping

Over the past couple of years, Google experienced some setbacks with GDPR and other privacy issues. Still, they have shown in 2019 that they can remain on top not just as a search engine but as one of the world’s leading innovators in artificial intelligence and e-commerce. On the other hand, working hard on organic SEO and paid advertisements wouldn’t be enough in 2020. Following Google’s algorithm in ranking search queries and displaying ads, it’s only natural that their new product – Google Shopping – will also be included in this list.

google shopping landing pageAs Google is becoming more and more an online marketplace, its developers created Google Shopping to accommodate the growing market and make shopping easier. Just like websites that compare flights or hotel fares, Google Shopping allows users to compare product prices from different e-commerce websites. Currently available via the Google web and the Google app, both enable users to search for products, view their shopping lists, track their order history and check their notification settings. Google also offers product guarantee and their customer service support for enquires on product changes, late shipping, returns and more.

With Google Shopping’s landing search, e-commerce is expected to rise, especially since a recent case study showed how ads listed in Google Shopping helped boost conversions by over 17%. Sellers only need to create a Google Merchant account to be able to be added on Google’s database for Google Shopping. Users who are looking to buy products online can type in their enquiries on Google Search or Google Shopping and then the search engine will show a list of products comparing the merchants that have the item. Depending on the account setting of the user, Google can also filter their product search based on your personal configuration and based on Google recommendations.

As this platform continues to develop and rise in 2020, more and more merchants are expected to join the community. Small businesses who only have an online store are expected to see an increase in products sold because of Google’s new approach for e-commerce.

On Visual Content: AR and VR

Like 2019, Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality will still stay on top in terms of visual content. With big brands like Amazon and IKEA using AR and VR to make their products more accessible to their customers, more and more businesses are expected to take part in this type of visual content to promote their products and services, genuinely creating a new trend for customer experience.

Online businesses with no physical stores like eyewear shops that ship directly to customers will now have the chance to compete with others in their trade by using AR/VR to help customers decide what to buy. Customers will be asked to take a photo of their face in various angles. Then the computer will process the image and detect multiple points on your face to capture your movements, allowing you to virtually try on various eyewear in different shapes, colours and sizes at the comfort of your home.

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On Technology: 5G Cellular Network

As mobile usage becomes more prominent, it is only natural that the internet also upgrades its features to meet the soaring demands of small-screen internet usage. The 5G cellular network boosts faster internet connection that makes mobile internet usage faster and downloads quicker to finish. The fifth-generation cellular network was also designed to reduce congestion on mobile networks so that consumers can get the full quality-service of what they are paying for. With this innovation, 5G can make flying drones cover more extensive ranges and driverless cars more convenient to use since the fast cellular connection would allow all smart devices within the vicinity to interact with each other and avoid accidents.

On Digital Marketing: Voiced-Power Search

voice search devicesFrom voice commands on mobile phones which were designed to help the visually impaired, to voice commands for convenient use, voice input has come a long way. With more and more Voice Assistant devices popping up in the market, further innovations from voice assistant pioneers like Google, Apple, and Amazon will continue to rise, especially in terms of speech recognition. The ability to accurately detect voice will improve search queries and command prompts, especially when it comes to voice assistants, mainly Google’s Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa and Echo, and Apple’s HomePod.

Innovations in voice-powered search will also change the way SEO is written because search engines have started to rewrite their algorithms to give priority to searches that answer voice-powered queries. Since these voice searches are designed to be conversational, the language for which online content is written will also have to change to be able to rank in search engine pages. For example, people usually type the search ‘ABC Mall opening time’, but when it comes to voice-powered search people will say, “what time does ABC Mall open?” and websites should answer this question well enough to be recognised and ranked under voice-powered enquiries. An excellent way to answer this would be to write how you would ordinarily answer a question posed to you by a friend; “ABC Mall opens at 10 AM today”.

white board filled with plansAs 2020 ushers in these technological developments that will surely influence how people do things in their everyday lives, it is vital for digital-dependent businesses to catch up to the world. That’s why at Bureauserv, we’ll make sure to adapt these changes to be able to compete in the ever-growing technological world especially when it comes to digital marketing.

We’ll adapt these new trends to improve our Digital Marketing services especially when it comes to Web Design and Development, (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation, and Social Media Marketing.